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Petrov, PY (Petar)


I joined the Department of Political Science at Maastricht University as a lecturer in IR and EU External Relations in September 2008. Previously I did a Master Degree in Political Science at Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria (2000) and an M/Res. Degree in EU Politics and Public Policy at the University of Manchester, UK (2004). In June 2009 I defended  my doctoral research project at the University of Manchester. My thesis investigated the development of the early governance arrangements of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) in the context of the first two EU-led military operations. In theoretical terms, I critically utilised the explanatory potential of historical and sociological institutionalist approaches to the processes of institutional change and development over time.

Research Profile

My principle research interests are in the field of EU crisis management and conflict prevention and the development of governance arrangementshe within the Common Security and Defence Policy over time (CSDP). I am also interested in the role of the EU as a political and security actor in the Western Balkans. Particularly I am looking in its ability to speak with one voice and apply coherent approach to conflict prevention/crisis-management, democratisation, institution building and long-term stability in post-conflict societies.

Since 2007 I've been researching the EU role in Kosovo in the context of the EU Rule of Law Mission, EULEX Kosovo. I have undertaken two rounds of field research in Brussels, Pristina and Mitrovica and presented several research papers and lectures (the Netherlands; Kosovo andAlbania). 

Together with Dr Papadimitriou (Reader at the University of Manchester) , I am working on publications regarding the wider role of the EU in the Western Balkans and particularly in Kosovo. You can see references to some of them under the 'Publications' hyperlink. Others are in the process of peer-reviewing and hopefully will be out soon. 

In the context of the above research interest I am currently taking part in the Working Group of the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR) on South East Europe. The Group aims at participating at conferences, workshops and joint sessions organised by the ECPR and other Political Science Associations. The Context area is South East Europe and I am one of the experts in the sub-area of the the EU crisis management and conflict preventoon policies there.

In addition, since 2009 I am also researching (together with Dr Laura Chappell University of Surrey), the role of the European Defence Agency  (EDA) in promoting and developing the Permanent Structured Cooperation in Defence as well as the development of European Strategic Culture in the domain of EU's Common Security and Defence Policy . This research aims at producing academic articles published in peer review academic Journals and presenting the results at a number of international conferences (ECPR, EUSA, BISA, UACES, etc.). Some results are already published, while others are currently undergoing peer review process. See 'Publications' for more details. 

At the moment (Febryary 2012) I am applying for research funding - together with Dr Chappell, Dr Jocelyn Mawdsley and Prof Dr Sven Biscop - to establish an international Collaborative Research Network on Common Security and Defence Policy Strategy. If funding is granted for the period 2012-2015 by the University Association for European Studies (UK) we will be able to organise several academic workshops and publish a number of articles as well as an edited volume on the development of European Strategic Culture in Security and Defence.

Last but not least I am taking part in the multilateral research network: The Diplomatic System of the European Union (DSEU) /dseu.lboro.ac.uk/. It is supported by the Jean Monnet Programme of the European Commission, and involvies 3  core partners: Loughborough University, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Universiteit Maastricht. It aims to investigate the growth and functioning of a diplomatic system centred on the European Union. It focuses on three key challenges in the coming decade: the internal challenge of institutional change and inter-institutional cooperation, and the external challenges posed by emerging powers and by the EU’s engagement in state-building in fragile societies. In particular, the team from Maastricht University  takes part by analysing the institutional development of the system.
In this context I co-organised an international expert workshop

DSEU Workshop: The EU Diplomatic System after Lisbon: Institutions Matter, Maastricht, 18–19 November 2010. The results of this workshop were compiled and later published in a special issue of the Hague Journal of diplomacy (HJD). Together with my colleagues, Prof. Sophie Vanhoonacker and Dr Karolina Pomorska I co-edited this issue of the HJD (for details see 'Publications').



At the University of Manchester, I taught various Bachelor and Master courses in International Relations, European politics and EU Foreign and Security Policy.

At Maastricht University I teach both Bachelor and Master courses.
In the past these were Research and Writing; Policy Domains - CFSP/ESDP (BA); Negotiation skills - EU Policy Making (BA); External Relations of the EU (BA); Cooperation and Conflict - theories, methods and contemporary issues in international politics (MA); EU as International Actor (MA); European Foreign and Security Policy (MA), etc.

In 2010-11, I designed and currently coordinate an introductory course in International Relations in the BA European Studies Programme:

EUS2005: International Relations: Contemporary Issues and Actors

(Evaluation 2011: http://iwio-fdcw.unimaas.nl/rapport1.asp?year=2010&course=EUS2005&rolid=...)

From 2011-12 I coordinate the IR course in the MA European Studies Programme:

EUS4001: International Relations, Conflict and Cooperation (with integrated Skills Training: Foreign Policy Analysis-1).

(Evaluation 2012: http://iwio-fdcw.unimaas.nl/rapport1.asp?year=2011&course=EUS4001&rolid=...)

Currently, I am teaching and giving lectures in the following BA and MA level courses:

Negotiation skills; External Relations of the EU; Europe in a Globalising World (Res.Master); The EU as International Actor; European Foreign and Security Policy; and EU Politics

Master Thesis Supervision:
2008 – 2009

1. Corporate Involvement in North-Kivu's Armed Conflict: Natural Resources Extraction as the Sinew of War - Yann Delomez

2. Autonomy Through Strategic Culture: the ESDP and NATO - Per Anders Grini

3.The European Union and Kosovo Independence - Ansgar Schreiber

4. Pervading the Big Chessboard: EU Actorness in the context of Kosovo Status Negotiations - Iskren Marinov

5. Reconsidering Normative Power Europe through the EU-Russia Strategic Partnerhsip - Sacha Bongard

6. The Development Pollicy of the European Union: A tool for Advancing European Interests - Matthijs Korzilius

7. ESDP Missions: Evidence for a changing path of the EU-NATO cooperation? - Viktor Popovski

2009 – 2010

1. Cooperation between the European Union and the United Nations on crisis management: Partnership on paper or in practice? - Lea Kulick

2. Normative Power Europe: Theory and practice in Kosovo - Cor van der Leemputten

3. Europeanisation of the European Armamanets Market: A shift from neo-Realism? -  Loek Maasen

4. The European Union’s Impact in Transnistrian Conflict: How does normative power affect conflict resolution efforts? - Aida Aliyeva

2010 – 2011

1. The CSDP and Classical Realism: The role of human nature and prudence - Russell Kent

2. Military Instruments, Normative Goals: The EU's synthesis of Normative and Military Power? - Ninia Nikoleshvili

3. The European Union in Kosovo: Normative Power Europe in Action? - Alex Johnson

Additional roles & tasks

Assistant Professor in International Relations and EU Foreign and Security Policy

Universitair docent