Centre for European Research in Maastricht

The Centre for European Research in Maastricht (CERiM) is a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. 

CERiM is an interdisciplinary research venue creating synergies and stimulating joint projects and events in the fields of European law, governance, and their respective history. It brings together researchers from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASoS) and the Faculty of Law (FL) of Maastricht University. CERiM links the FASoS research programme Politics and Culture in Europe with the Maastricht Centre for European Law (FL), and the Montesquieu Institute Maastricht (FL with participation of FASoS). At the same time, CERiM is the successor of the Maastricht Centre for European Governance (MCEG), a former Jean Monnet Centre that was recently selected as a ‘success story’ by a panel of Commission experts.

CERiM provides a platform of collaboration, intellectual exchange and facilitation between the participating researchers. At the same time it bundles individual efforts to increase international outreach and to give a substantial input to the Maastricht University’s strategic research theme Europe and a Globalising World. CERiM is one of several centres at Maastricht that bring together researchers from the Faculty of Law and FASoS. Other such centres are MACIMIDE, a centre that focuses on migration, mobility, citizenship, development and family life, and ITEM, a centre that seeks to facilitate Euregional cross-border mobility and cooperation. CERiM collaborates closely with both centres in the form of common events and funding applications.

In the spotlight

Project in the Spotlight

EURA-NET aims to attain an understanding of the current characteristics and related policy impact of temporary transnational mobility of people. The project seeks to help national and international policy-makers to address the challenges arising in the increasingly interconnected and demographically mobile world. 

EURA-NET is but one of the many innovative research projects in which CERiM is involved. Explore the others here.

Blast from the past

On Wednesday, 14th June 2017, CERiM hosted a seminar, that was open to the centre’s members.

During this seminar, CERiM members Aline Sierp, Mariolina Eliantonio, Aneta Spendzharova and Ester Versluis shared their research findings of the CERiM events they have organised. In this short video, they shed light on their experiences. 

Read more about this past event here.

Read all about it

Differentiation was at first not perceived as a threat to the European project, but rather as a tool to promote further integration. Today, more EU policies than ever are marked by concentric circles of integration and a lack of uniform application.

Read more in a recent edited volume by CERiM members Bruno De Witte, Andrea Ott & Ellen Vos. 

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