Mission Statement

The Centre for European Research in Maastricht (CERiM) provides a platform of collaboration, intellectual exchange and facilitation between the participating researchers. At the same time it bundles individual efforts to increase international outreach and to give a substantial input to the Maastricht University‚Äôs strategic research theme Europe and a Globalising World.

  • In practical terms, the Centre will engage in various kinds of activities:

    Developing own research projects and lending support to individual members and participating institutes in developing (externally funded) research projects. The newly to be hired postdoc researchers and the existing funding advisors will play a key role in this.

    • The Centre will facilitate the organisation of international workshops and conferences with high-profile experts in the field (academics and practitioners). It may contribute to the organisation of workshops through its own funds.
    • Organising academic valorisation and outreach activities. The Centre will provide a platform through which the communication with stakeholders (press releases, press enquiries, policy briefs, etc.) will be organized in a professional manner.
    • A platform for intellectual exchange in Maastricht Univer-City: The Centre will contribute to the discussion on EU-related topics in the University and in the city and province, for instance through a lecture series and other public events.

    The People and the Work

    The Centre is driven by a group of distinguished professors of Maastricht University and by two postdoc researchers who manage the daily work of the Centre. In addition to developing their own research projects, the post-docs work as research coordinators of the Centre, in particular by providing professional support to the whole Centre in the development of new funding applications and the organization of common activities. Such activities will come in the form of international workshops on the research themes covered by the Centre, and public events at which prominent scholars and public figures will discuss ongoing questions of European integration with students and the broader citizenry.