The Jean Monnet Chair in EU Politics in a Changing Global Context (CHANCE) is held by Dr. Giselle Bosse. The Chair aims to contribute to broadening the focus of European Studies at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASoS) by expanding course content and research lines dealing with the challenges and chances for the EU in a changing global context. ​Challenges include significant shifts in the global order and rising great powers, which defy established principles of liberal international order; new security threats such as hybrid and cyber warfare; climate change and major global technological change and innovation. 

During the past decade, the changing global context has had a profound impact on all areas of EU international relations, which underlines the high relevance of integrating a global perspective in EU studies curricula and research. Moreover, the Covid-19 crisis has had economic, social, political and geopolitical consequences that will inevitably affect key aspects of EU international role, such as its relations with major powers, as well as several aspects of humanitarian aid, development and peacekeeping, and the fight against disinformation and cyber-attacks.


CHANCE addresses how a changing global context is affecting EU politics and policies in various domains, and how the EU, in turn is trying to address, and shape global responses to, these new challenges. In this context, CHANCE aims to contribute to:

  • strengthening research and teaching in the field of EU international relations at FASoS;
  • consolidating and further developing research and teaching on the impact of a changing global context on EU politics and policies;
  • supporting students and young scholars building their careers;
  • increasing the visibility and relevance of FASoS research and teaching to academic and non-academic stakeholders at local, regional and national levels. 


Events and other activities will be organised from September 2020 until August 2023. More information about upcoming events and past events can be found here! For more information, you can contact

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