Successful PhD Workshop on European Governance

The aim of the PhD workshop was to for current PhD scholars to present a draft paper on their research, where they will receive questions and feedback from their peers and senior scholars. Co-directors Thomas Christiansen and Ellen Vos gave the opening speech before the presentations.

In the first panel on current debates in the EU in terms of internal and external challenges, Jens Pohl (Maastricht University), Roila Mavrouli (University of Luxembourg), and Maria Patrin (European University Institute) touched upon issues of trade governance, European identity and its relationship with the immigration crisis, and the concept of collegiality. The panel was chaired by Johan Adriansen and Thomas Christiansen.

In the second panel titled "Relationships between the EU and its Member States", Jitte Akkermans (KU Leuven) and Panagiotis Zinonos (University of Luxembourg), they looked at tensions in EU law vis รก vis constitutional law. The panel was chaired by Anne Pieter van der Mei and Ellen Vos.

In the final panel on the topic of the European Monetary and Banking Union, Ute Lettanie (University of Antwerp) and Napoleon Xanthoulis (King's College London) analysed the European Central Bank and the possibility of a European Minister of Economy and Finance. The panel was chaired by Aneta Spendzharova and Andrea Ott.

After the presentations, a short information session on how to get published was presented by Thomas Christiansen. He offered tips, insights, and possible difficulties in getting published. The speakers will be revising their papers first for CERiM's Online Working Paper Series, which we expect to receive in the coming weeks. We would like to thank the speakers and chairs participating in the event.

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