CERiM Co-Director Thomas Christiansen co-edits a special issue of the Asia Europe Journal

A publication of a special issue of the Asia Europe Journal, co-edited by CERiM Co-Director Thomas Christiansen, has recently been published by Springer. The issue entitled, The Rise of China: Challenges and Opportunities for the European Union, can be accessed via the following link

This special issue examines Europe’s response to the steady and dramatic rise of China over the past two decades. In particular, it explores the challenges as well as the many instances of engagement that define their relations today across a number of policy areas, including economic, diplomatic, and security relations. The contributions to this special issue demonstrate the varied, multi-faceted and to some extent contradictory nature of EU-China relations. The two sides are in an ever-closer economic embrace, yet they remain distant and occasionally antagonistic with respect to security concerns or normative discourses.

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