Call for Papers for Two TARN Events

TARN launches a call for papers for two events to be held from 11-13 April in Brussels.

On 11 April, the TARN workshop on Agencification of EU executive governance, is designed to showcase the work of young researchers (PhD researchers and researchers who have recently defended their PhD). At the workshop, young researchers will present their research which will be commented upon by senior academics.

On 12-13 April, a Conference on Performance, Operability and the Accountability Overload of EU Agencies aims to take a closer look at the current challenges which EU agencies are facing in their operations and to ask the complementary question of whether we must modify the legitimating concept of ‘agency accountability’ in order to facilitate complex agency operations.

Abstracts for the TARN conference are welcomed in four broad areas:

1. Input v output legitimacy

2. Contemporary problems of agency operation

3. New notions of accountability of expertise?

4. New models of institutional design

Please send your abstract to by Friday 9 February 2018. This deadline applies for both events.

The full call for papers can be found here.

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