Book launch: The Contestation of Expertise in the European Union

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In an era in which the very notion of expertise is increasingly being called into question, it is urgent to understand why expertise has become so contested. Debates in and about the European Union are a particular instance of this development which is analysed in the recently published volume The Contestation of Expertise in the EU (London: Palgrave, 2020). The contributions to the book offer insights on the current state of affairs and reflections on how the role of experts is evolving and changing in the EU.

This event is devoted to presenting and discussing the book’s key findings. It brings together the editors - Vigjilenca Abazi, Johan Adriaensen and Thomas Christiansen – and Marjan Peeters – the contributor of the chapter on the contestation of climate science – with Alberto Alemanno who will discuss the book’s insights in the context of the current challenge of COVID-19. The event will be held on Zoom on February 25th, 13:00-14:00. Please, follow this link to register.