RELAY Conference: An Economy that Works for the People: Beyond Brexit and Covid-19

On 12th April 2021, the DCU Brexit Institute hosted a conference entitled β€œAn Economy that Works for the People: Beyond Brexit and Covid-19”. The event was organised in the framework of the Jean Monnet Project RELAY, an EU-funded Erasmus+ project, coordinated by Maastricht University Campus Brussels, and involving a number of partners across Europe, designed to assess the policy priorities of the new European Commission. 


12-04-2021   09:00 - 16:00 (GMT+0) Dublin

The after-effects of the euro-crisis continue to cast a shadow over the future of Europe. The political guidelines for the European Commission (2019-2024) include a commitment to An Economy That Works for People. At the heart of this commitment is a pledge to undertake the necessary institutional reforms to bring about the deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union. There is also a commitment to other basic principles – gender equality, support for SMEs, tax fairness, and strengthening of the social pillar. This conference cast a critical eye on these guidelines by exploring their appropriateness and their feasibility.

The event featured as a keynote speaker Mr. Paolo Gentiloni, European Commissioner in charge of Economic Affairs, and took stock of the major development which Next Generation EU, the post-pandemic recovery fund, represents for the future of the European Union.


  • The EU Recovery Fund: An Economy that Works for the People

  • The New EU Economic Policy after Covid-19 and Next Generation EU

  • The European Economy & the Future of the Eurozone after Brexit: An Economy that Works for the People

  • Next Generation EU and the Conference on the Future of Europe: An Economy that Works for the People

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