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Marking CERiM's first Anniversary

The Centre for European Research in Maastricht has been operational for one year. This presents a good occasion to take stock of what has been accomplished but also to look forward at the initiatives and challenges that lay ahead. It was a year during which the European Union has stumbled from one crisis into the next and where its resilience has been put to the test. The Brexit referendum is a fitting finale to a year of turbulence. With the results in hand, CERiM offers some first reflections. However, let us not forget that an anniversary is also a celebration: a reception is therefore appropriate to close the event.

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Further details can be found below. We are looking forward seeing you there!

Date:              27 June 2016

Time:             15.00-17.00

Location:      Turnzaal FASoS, Grote Gracht 90-92, Maastricht


15.00-15.30: CERiM’s first year of existence – Speakers: Thomas Conzelmann & Ellen Vos

15.30-16.45: “Brexit-referendum, first reflections” – Speakers: Simon Duke & Bruno De Witte

16.45-17.00:  Future CERiM initiatives  – Speakers:  Thomas Conzelmann & Ellen Vos


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