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23 March 2018: CERiM Informal event on 'Dealing with awkward members in the EU'

In recent years, some Member States of the EU have turned in 'akward' members who increasingly context the EU's rules and authority, or even their belonging to the block itself. The United Kingdom's decision to leave the EU, but also the Polish and the Hungarian cases are illustrative of these tendencies. More generally, Euroscepticism is on the rise in numerous Member States.

How can and should the EU react in this context? How have other Member States behaved?

On Friday, March 23rd, we warmly welcome you to join us in a panel where experts will discuss these issues. The panel consists of:

  • Matteo Bonelli (Law Faculty)
  • Simon Duke (EIPA)
  • Ferenc Laczo (FaSoS)
  • Michal Natorski (UNU-MERIT)

Questions that will be addressed are, among others:

  • Why do you think certain countries have been awkward partners in the EU? How deep is the Eurosceptic sentiment among the population, the administration and the elites?
  • How effective has the Commission’s response to these developments been, and what has been the impact on the member states concerned?
  • On the rule of law issues in particular, to what extent is the threat of withholding EU funds a legitimate and effective instrument to ensure compliance? 
  • How have other member states reacted, and how united do you consider them in dealing with these awkward partners?

The speakers will have around 10 minutes to introduce their topic and the remaining time will be used for discussion between the speakers and the audience.

The event will take place at the Karl Dittrich room in the Student Service Centre at 10:45 - 12:45. The event is free but spaces are limited so please contact if you'd like to join.

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