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22 March 2018: CERiM PhD Workshop

On March 22nd, CERiM is organising a one-day PhD workshop on "The Future of European Governance"


10:00-10:15: Opening 

Thomas Christiansen and Ellen Vos, CERiM directors, Maastricht University


10:15-12:15: PANEL 1: Current debates in the EU: Internal and external challenges

Co-chairs: Johan Adriaensen and Thomas Christiansen, Maastricht University

  • Jens Pohl, Maastricht University: Individual-rights screening of international investments as an instrument of EU external trade and investment governance
  • Roila Mavrouli, University of Luxembourg: The reconstruction of the plural identity of Europe through the immigration crisis
  • Maria Patrin, European University Institute: The legal nature of collegiality: a general principle of EU law?


12:15-13:15: Lunch break


13:15-15:15: PANEL 2: Relationships between the EU and its Member States

Co-chairs: Anne Pieter van der Mei and Ellen Vos, Maastricht University

  • Jitte Akkermans, KU Leuven: Constitutional control over EU acts in Belgium: The procedural challenges for operationalizing the dialogue on Constitutional Values and the division of powers
  • Panagiotis Zinonos, University of Luxembourg and University of Strasbourg: Fundamental Rights And Primacy of EU Law: The Union’s Constitutional System Throughout Selected Case-Law Of The Court Of Justice On Criminal Affairs


15:15-15:30: Coffee break


15 :30-16 :50: PANEL 3: EMU and European Banking Union: Recent and prospective reforms

Co-chairs: Aneta Spendzharova and Andrea Ott, Maastricht University

  • Ute Lettanie, University of Antwerp: The ECB as Agent or Trustee in Light of the ESM?
  • Napoleon Xanthoulis, King’s College London: The proposal for a European Minister of Economy and Finance: Institutional empowerment, constitutional tensions and the ministerial taboo


16:50-18:00: Discussion on how to get published

Thomas Christiansen, Maastricht University

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