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14 November 2017: Lecture on 'Re:Thinking Europe' with Larry Siedentop and Mathieu Segers

The event is organised by the Ambassador Lecture series in cooperation with University College Maastricht (UCM). First come, first served. Location: Aula TS53 (SBE).

According to Siedentop, European values can be found in our DNA. Western classical liberalism is insufficiently recognized and underappreciated. The bad news is that the same European values are being diluted. Europe is, therefore, facing unprecedented challenges. At the same time, there’s good news as well – young people are curious and interested in new ideas. Our liberal, democratic ideal, is the result of two thousand years of development in Europe. The Middle Ages and the Enlightenment have shaped the basis of the ideas of our ideas of freedom and equality of the individual. Siedentop states that our European leaders should focus more on the liberal values that shape our European identity. But what do these liberal values entail exactly? Will Europe be saved by ‘liberal strongman’ Emanuel Macron? And should politicians draw on the basics of classical liberalism in order to regain trust from its citizens and to take the wind out of the populists’ sails? 

These and more questions will be reflected on by invited leading thinkers Larry Siedentop and Mathieu Segers in light of current day European reality.

The event is organised in cooperation with University College Maastricht (UCM). On November 12, Larry Siedentop will speak in De Balie in Amsterdam.

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