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05 December 2016: CERiM Members discuss security challenges in the EU at Debate Café

On 5th December 2016, join the Debate Café at Bookshop Dominicanen to discuss the security challenges and direction of the European Union with key experts at Maastricht University.

Europe finds itself in troubling times. Trump has indicated that European NATO allies have to contribute more for US military protection, and has even called America's loyalty to the alliance into question. President Putin is pursuing expansionism. With the civil war still raging in Syria, Turkey plays a key role in European security, but the NATO country is sliding toward a dictatorship and the refugee deal with the EU is threatening to collapse. What do all these events mean for Europe’s security? Join the debate with key experts organised by Studium Generale in cooperation with the student associations UNSA and ESA Concordantia.

Moderator: Dr. Vigjilenca Abazi, Assistant Professor of EU law


Dr. Hylke Dijkstra, Assistant Professor in Political Science
Dr Andrea Ott, Associate Professor of European Union Law
Dr Petar Petrov, Assistant Professor in International Relations and EU Foreign and Security Policy

More information on the event can be found here.

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