Europe seeks to actively promote its interests abroad and to contribute to the development of global regimes in fields such as human rights, economic and financial regulation, asylum and migration, and many others. The extent to which Europe and the EU are capable of doing this within their current institutional configuration is a second field of discussion of CERiM blog.

Both developments described above are hardly new, but have been ongoing since the very first steps of the European integration process. CERiM Blog also provides contributions that look into the way in which the Europe-global link has been developing over the past decades and how ‘the global’ has shaped Europe as much as Europe has contributed to the shape of global affairs. In all these salient themes, CERiM aims to engage and link with current development and topical issues.

Flexibility and the Integrity of the EU Constitutional Order

Up until the Treaty of Maastricht, there was a growing sense of the unity of a single integrated Community legal order. However, times have changed and the contours of EU legal order have become rather fuzzy. Bruno de Witte argues that the current comp...

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The EU Global Strategy: Foreign and Security Policy in a connected, contested and complex world

The EU’s Foreign and Security Policy requires an update in a changing global context. Julian Fricke lays down the key challenges to which the new EU Global Strategy needs to respond and derives three objectives innate to the EU’s foreign policy. As...

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What the ENP review did not say

The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) review released in mid-November 2015 has defined a new overarching goal for the EU – ‘stabilising the neighbourhood’. Does this shift in objectives signal a new era for the EU’s relations with its neighbo...

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Article 42.7 TEU following Paris attacks is mostly symbolic

The French President François Hollande surprised many observers by invoking, for the first time in the history of the EU, the so-called ‘mutual defence clause’. This obscure Article 42.7 obliges all member states to provide aid and assistance to o...

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The Dutch ‘Troonrede’ (King’s Speech) and the EU

In the recent ‘Troonrede’ the Dutch King said that the government will have as a point of departure for its presidency in 2016 of the Council of Ministers, a Europe which functions better and aims at essentials. Furthermore it will work towards an ...

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The First State of the Union of Juncker

On September 9th 2015 the President of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, addressed for the first time the European Parliament in his State of the Union. The message is one of consensus and unity and for trying to reach joint European solutions for th...

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Secrecy In TTIP Negotiations and Public Support: The Role of the Council

The debate on secrecy about TTIP negotiations is focused on the European Commission not disclosing sufficient information on the positions it defends at the negotiation table. Despite several efforts to improve transparency, such concerns remain preval...

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