Past Research Projects

The common research programme Reshaping Europe in a Globalising World focuses on the ways in which Europe is both shaped by and shaping global developments. This generic interest is broken down into four research themes:

  • Differentiation and Flexible Integration
  • Constitutionalising Europe
  • European Governance and Market Integration
  • Europe and the World

Below you can find an overview of past research projects CERiM researchers have been involved in.

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PADEMIA – Life Long Learning Programme (EU- funding)

PADEMIA is a Europe-wide network of 56 academic institutions from 31 countries to promote research and teaching in reaction to growing European demands to study parliamentary democracy in Europe.

PADEMIA seeks to enhance discussion among students, junior and senior researchers, also in exchange with stakeholders, on how to deal with the new challenges that parliaments and citizens across Europe are facing today.

CERiM members:

Duration: 2013-2016

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OPENCULT – Managing Diversity in the EU: The Cultural Open Method of Coordination Revisited (EU-funding)

OPENCULT focuses on the use of the open method of coordination (OMC) as one of the new cultural policy tools employed by the EU in the wake of the European Agenda for Culture in a Globalizing World (COM(2007) 242). The project studies the configuration of the cultural OMC, the institutional structures and policy objectives that define it, and the complex array of policy processes and instruments that it involves. It explores whether the cultural OMC has had a bearing on Member States’ cultural policies and also examines its effects on EU cultural action. The central assumption of OPENCULT is that besides being perceived as a motor to rejuvenate Member States’ cultural cooperation, the cultural OMC has also been instituted as a means to revamp EU cultural activity and steer the development of EU cultural policy.

CERiM members:

  • Evangelia Psychogiopoulou

Duration: 2014-2016

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INOTLES – TEMPUS Programme (EU-funding)

The Innovating Teaching and Learning of European Studies (INOTLES) project contributes to curricular reform and modernisation of higher education in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, by implementing innovative pedagogies in European Studies courses at MA level. Building on a systematic review of pedagogies in European Studies, INOTLES will bring together Eastern partners with EU university centres of excellence in assorted approaches (including e-learning, problem-based learning and simulations) to create flexible resources for use in the full range of European Studies provision.

CERiM members:

Duration: 2014-2016

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