Past Events


09-10 June 2016: Second European Teaching and Learning Conference

On the 09th and 10th June 2016, the Institute of European Studies at Vrije Universiteit Brussel is hosting the second European Teaching and Learning Conference, which is jointly organized by BISA, ECPR, PSA and UACES and co-sponsored by CERiM.

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26 May 2016: Maastricht Monnet Lecture by Taja Vovk van Gaal

Do Europeans not only have a common future but also a common past? This question has been at the centre of discussions on the ‘House of European History’ (HEH) which is due to open in 2016 in the Eastman building in Brussels. The HEH was set up at ...

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11 April 2016: Information Session Part-time PhD Programmes for Professional

Ever thought of working towards a PhD alongside your full-time job? The part-time PhD programmes for professionals at the Campus Brussels of Maastricht University offer a unique opportunity to obtain a doctorate degree to enhance your professional car...

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23 March 2016: Blogging in an Academic Context - How & Why?

On 23 March 2016, CERiM is organising a Seminar that focuses on how blogging can be used in an academic context. Reaching a non-academic audience with the conclusions of academic research is a challenging task, but blogs (in co...

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25 February 2016: Maastricht Monnet Lecture by Connie Hedegaard

On 25 February 2016, former European Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard has delivered the first Jean Monnet Lecture of 2016 for CERiM, entitled “The European Union and the Paris Climate Summit: Strengths and Weaknesses of the European A...

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12 February 2016: Workshop on the Law and Politics of Confidential EU Negotiations

CERiM Research coodinators Vigijlenca Abazi and Johan Adriaensen have organised a workshop on ‘The Law and Politics of Confidential EU Negotiations’ that will cover the following themes. Why does the European Union negotiate (part of) its...

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04 December 2015: Debate on National Courts in a European Context

Inviting judges from the Netherlands and the EU, lawyers and scholars, the debate on national courts in a European context will focus on the Urgenda-case on climate change, the education of lawyers to judges and the cooperation between EU and nati...

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03-04 December 2015: Workshop on the “Better Regulation” Agenda – Achievements and Challenges Ahead

In May 2015, the Commission unveiled its new “Better Regulation” programme, designed to ensure that European laws and policies are prepared, implemented and reviewed in an open and transparent manner, informed by the best available evidence and bac...

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19-20 November 2015: Conference on Soft Law before the European courts: Discovering a common pattern?

A two-day conference entitled ‘Soft law before the European courts: discovering a common pattern?’ will take place on the 19 & 20 November 2015 in Brussels.

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09 November 2015: CERiM Academic Conference - Preparing Europe for the Future, An Academic Agenda

CERiM focuses on the interactions between Europe and global developments. It aims to explore the legal,Joseph E. Weiler political and social changes that Europe faces and provide leading research on how Europe should respond to these challenges. This A...

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