Double success for CERiM in the recent Jean Monnet Action scheme of the EU’s Erasmus+ programme

CERiM Director Andrea Ott obtained a Jean Monnet Project (60.000€) entitled ‘Innovating the European Union and transforming Europe’. Aneta Spendzharova, Anna Herranz Surrales and Johan Adriaensen were successful in securing €300.000 of EU funding to establish a new Jean Monnet Research Network. The Network aims to revitalise the study of EU Single Market Integration in a turbulent age

It brings together a diverse group of academic partners (Universities of Frankfurt, Bristol, Tartu and Kyiv) with two think tanks (IAI-Rome & CEPS- Brussels). The network, coordinated by Maastricht, seeks to promote new research and teaching on contemporary developments of the single market in the areas of defense, the digital market, finance and energy.

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