“Thinking Through the Future of Memory” – Inaugural Conference of the Memory Studies Association, Amsterdam

From 3 to the 5 December 2016, almost 200 memory scholars as well as practitioners from many different countries came together in Amsterdam for the Inaugutal Conference of the Memory Studies Association in Amsterdam. 

The conference organized by CERiM Member Aline Sierp and Jenny Wüstenberg (York University, Toronto, Canada) welcomed leading figures in the field of memory studies, including Michael Rothberg, Astrid Erll, Ann Rigney, Daniel Levy, Jan Kubik, Erica Lehrer, William Hirst, Siobhan Kattago, Jeffrey Olick, Wulf Kansteiner and Vered Vinitzky-Seroussi. Hosted at De Nieuwe Liefde, the conference included three roundtables with well-known scholars, thirteen panels, as well as two professional development events.

A full report of the event can be downloaded as a pdf file. 

Conference Report: “Thinking Through the Future of Memory”, Inaugural Conference of the Memory Studies Association, 3-5 December 2016, Amsterdam

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