RELAY Past Events

These events are organised under the RELAY project. For more information about RELAY, click here.

25.01.2021| RELAY Workshop on 'The Green Deal: What are its Implications for Animals and Nature?'

The focus of the workshop was on how the ‘The Green Deal’ is tackling the issues of global warming and climate change and gives a ‘voice’ to the voiceless. It examined the policies behind the Green Deal in relation to the role of Nature and Animals in our Society and discussed the Green Deal’s shortcomings with regard to the ‘voiceless’ members of the European society and of the regions beyond the EU that might be affected by Green Deal-related policies. The central question of the webinar was: ‘What are the current issues with regard to the ‘true’ sustainability goals the Green Deal should pursue and what actions are required to give animals and nature a more prominent role in the Green Deal debates?’

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04.12.2020| RELAY Kick-off conference: ‘Europa’, what are the main challenges you are facing and how will you tackle them?

This conference kicked-off the events series within the RELAY project. It brought together academics and a wide array of stakeholders in an extensive range of domains, allowing for differentiated perspectives on all of the European Commission’s political priorities, from digitalization, through the European Green Deal, to the EU as a global player.

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