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COVID-19 policy paper

The COVID-19 health crisis has swept across the world and impacted every aspect of life. As we approach one year into the pandemic, we want to better understand its consequences and transformative potential for positive change. The CHANCE Chair is delighted to announce the release of the first EaP C​SF COVID-19 Policy Paper on freedom of speech and media plurality in times of COVID-19. This paper is part of a series of thematic policy papers that we are releasing throughout the coming weeks.

Giselle Bosse, Alena Vieira and Moritz Hoepner, witht the research assistance of Serena Rosadini, analyze the positive and negative changes fuelled by COVID-19, with respect to the freedom of expression across the six EaP countries. Moreover, the paper examines the role of media in providing reliable information about COVID-19 and evaluates the impact of digitalisation on independent media. Finally, the paper enumerates a series of recommendations to be taken by the EaP governments, EU institutions and EaP CSF. Read the main recommendations below and download the full paper here.

Webinar: 'How to write a policy brief'

9 December 2020, 13:00-14:00


Webinar for BA and MA students at Maastricht University and University of Minho - with Dr. Giselle Bosse and Dr. Alena Vieira (University of Minho).

‘Freedom of speech and media in the COVID-19 context’

8 December 2020


Dr Giselle Bosse, Dr Alena Vieira and Dr Moritz Höpner present preliminary findings of their policy study on ‘Freedom of speech and media in the COVID-19 context’ at the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum 12th Annual Assembly.